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Created on Dec 13, 2016

Strategic Planning (Goal -> Initiative -> Super-Epic -> Epic -> Story)

As a Product Exec with many products, I would like to perform strategic planning with corp Goals, corp Initiatives, and aggregated Super-Epics in order to provide structure and guidance to my next 18 months.

As a Product Manager, I would like to have stories that roll up to Epics, that roll up to the aggregated corporate Super-Epics in order to align from product up to corporate goal.

The essence of this request is to solve the significant cross-product and team dependencies that occur in a larger enterprise.  Currently, we are using multiple projects (one per product) along with a central strategic planning project.  The product teams focus on sprint level cadence and the strategic planning project has a quarterly cadence.  The difficulty is in associating the planning unit in the strategic project with the planning unit in the product project.  In the project example, we are mapping feature to Epic.  In the strategic example we are mapping feature to Super-Epic.  

Ideally would provide a means to arbitrarily link features together.  Like JIRA, it would be great if the link had a custom type associated to it.

Example:  Provide SSO across all products.

Strategic Project:

 - Corporate Project Goal - Customer Retention

 - Corporate Project Initiative - Ease of Use

 - Corporate Project Super-Epic (Feature) - Utilize SSO to provide access to all applications with a single identity

 - Architecture Project Goal - Enable application teams to innovate with platform capabilities

 - Architecture Project Initiative - Reduce overlapping authentication and authorization sub-systems

 - Architecture Epic (Feature) - (Mapped to Corp Super-Epic) provide SAML interface to product teams

 - Bike Store Project Goal - Easy to use software to improve how bike stores service bikes

 - Bike Store Initiative - Get more people logging in, taking advantage of the Bike Store tools

 - Bike Store Epic (Feature) - (Mapped to Corp Super-Epic) utilize SAML from architecture to deliver provide single identity to bike store employees

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