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Create specific options for Notification Settings Merged

Use Case:  As an AHA user, I want to be able to customize which notifications I receive so that I am not getting excessive notifications throughout the day that may not impact my work assignments and make it challenging to triage notifications.  This will allow the user to focus on only notifications pertinent to assigned projects.  Even if folders and rules are created in Outlook/ email account for notifications to be separate from regular emails, notifications can average 300+ per day.
Who will benefit:  All AHA users 
How should it work:  In AHA, under a user's settings, have a notifications dashboard displaying all products and initiatives a person is currently receiving notifications for, and give option to edit notifications settings.  For example:

  • Receive all notifications for Product "XYZ"
    • Ability to select/de-select products user has access to
  • Receive all notifications for Initiative "ABC"
    • Ability to select/de-select initiatives user has access to 
    • Currently we have ability to be "watchers" on an initiative, but this could be represented in dashboard
  • Receive notifications only for comments directed to me
    • Perhaps this one could be displayed as a mandatory default; greyed out to show user can't de-select this one
  • Receive notifications when assigned a "To-Do" or user story or production bug
  • Receive notifications when added as a team member of an initiative 
  • Ashley Kumar
  • Dec 1 2016
  • Shipped
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  • nicole zinna commented
    December 01, 2016 16:49

    Please make this happen

  • Thomas Koo commented
    December 01, 2016 16:55

    Yeah, this is a no-brainer enhancement. Many important notifications are getting lost among the detritus of all notifications. Many don't bother going through them at all. Allow the individual to decide what messages to be notified about. Thanks.

  • Mary Caputo commented
    December 01, 2016 17:01

    desperately needed!