I don't get an email notification if JIRA updates an Aha feature

I am the only Product Owner role within our instance of Aha! Therefore, the webhook for JIRA integration runs under my user.

If our Dev team update a user story in JIRA to Done, this sets the related feature in Aha to "Ready To Ship". Unfortunately I do not get email notifications when JIRA updates Aha. I believe this is because the webhook is running under my user so Aha really thinks I've personally updated the item so I don't actually need to be notified.

Could this be changed so that I get notified if JIRA updates Aha, irrespective of who the webhook runs under? 

I get lots of notifications from JIRA as the Dev team update, which as a Product Owner I'm not really interested in trawling through to find the notifications that mean anything to me. All I really need to know is when the Dev team have completed work on a feature I've pushed to JIRA from Aha.

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  • Nov 23 2016
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