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Status Future consideration
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Created by Christopher Keele
Created on Nov 9, 2016

Allow per-user favoriting of Product wiki Notes

As a company wiki grows larger, it would be nice to favorite, bookmark, or star certain wiki notes.

The closest existing mechanism, watching a note, makes sense when you authored it or need to know when it changes. This proposal focuses more on the desire to flag certain pages as a useful personal reference for yourself.

You can currently view the Pages you're watching by navigating to My Profile > Watching > Product > Notes. However, this view is noisier than what I have in mind and necessarily Product-filtered.

The goal of favoriting a note would be to highlight it in the UI by:

  • somehow calling it out in each Product's Notes listing to quickly scan for the pages you care the most about
  • showing you've favorited it when viewing a Page to allow easy toggling of favorited status
  • adding a cross-Product viewing of favorited notes under your Profile

The cross-Product viewing would make an excellent personalized wiki. In contrast to the watching view it could actually render the notes in-line, and/or with a cross-Product navigation of their hierarchy to the left, similar to the Product-scoped view.

As it makes sense to get notified of changes to notes you use as a personal reference, favoriting should add you as a watcher. However, the desire to take ownership of a page and know when it changes is orthogonal to the desire to reference it easily.

    Apr 19, 2024

    Adding links into your document hierarchy is a great way to bookmark documents located in different workspaces! You can do this in a workspace or in My work to create quick links to your most-often used documents. Learn more here.

    To try this out:

    1. In My work, add a folder in the My documents section

    2. Use the blue + icon or Add button to insert a link

    3. Select an Aha! document or enter the URL for an external link

    4. This adds a link to your selected document within My work

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  • Molly Jane Quinn
    Feb 1, 2024

    I would love to see this idea revisited in today's Aha! experience. Perhaps the starred notes could be featured in the My Work page, under "Documents" where you currently have access to "recents" and "shared with me."