Filter initiatives based on custom scorecard score

Portfolio management users want to filter by scorecard in reports and roadmaps to show and order the highest value strategic items and to find items that have not yet been scored.  
Right now, the individual scorecard items can be filtered and reported on, but not the total score for custom scorecard fields. You can filter on the featured scorecard field (added to competitor, features, and ideas) but not the custom scorecard fields like on Initiatives.  
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  • Oct 31 2016
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  • Kamil Gozdek commented
    December 12, 2017 13:07

    We need to unfilter all "0" scorecard items from report. Please add it.

  • Kamil Gozdek commented
    26 Oct 14:03

    Any idea, how to use it? How to unfilter all "0" scorecard items from report

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    26 Oct 14:17

    Hi there, you can now add a custom scorecard filter by clicking the Add filter icon above your report. If you are looking to remove all records that have a score of 0, you can set the filter to scores greater than 0. 

  • Kamil Gozdek commented
    26 Oct 16:31

    Great job, it is working. Filtering the Total :)