As a user I don't want my requirements sent to JIRA (or other integrations) if they're marked as Will not implement

I often mark requirements as "will not implement" in Aha (rather than deleting them) just to keep a trail of requirements we've discussed but decided aren't needed.  Then when I push to JIRA from Aha, it brings all requirements for a feature over...even the ones marked as Will not implement.  Those just become noise (and I end up deleting them from JIRA.  Would prefer that any requirements marked as will not implement not be imported into JIRA.

  • Ian Miller
  • Jul 18 2016
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  • Marco N. commented
    March 15, 2017 17:33

    In conjunction with not implementing APP-I-672, not having this is pretty frustrating.

    In Aha! we have a feature which has maybe a dozen requirements. As we've thrashed through the process, there are a few of these that have been marked "Will not implement."

    Whenever I add a new requirement, I don't have the ability to send just that requirement to an integration (Pivotal Tracker, in my case). Instead, I have to hit "Update Pivotal Tracker."

    ... which re-creates stories for every requirement that's marked "Will not implement." To keep a clean backlog, I then have to go delete these stories, else they'll need to hang around forever in the icebox.

    All that deletion is very tedious, this pushes me away from using the PIvotal Tracker integration, which means I'm still duplicating my effort across two different tools.