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Categories Pivotal Tracker
Created by Yok Tan
Created on Dec 30, 2014

Pivotal Tracker: Send individual requirements to Pivotal — not just the entire Feature

Implement the ability to only send certain Requirements of a Feature to PT, vs. only being able to send the Feature as a whole. The reason is that not all Requirements of a Feature will be at the stage where they can be sent to dev — Aha's model is based on this already since you can assign different statuses to individual Requirements within a given Feature. So it would follow that Aha shouldn't treat all Requirements as ready to be sent to PT. 

This would be particularly useful to those of us who've chosen for PT's sync to map Aha Features to PT Epics (and Aha Requirements to PT Stories).

    Jan 6, 2016

    The Aha! Pivotal Tracker integration is a two way integration where you can send features and requirements to Pivotal Tracker and status back to Aha!

    As new requirements are updated and created, you can go to Actions -> Update pivotal tracker to send the latest features and requirements.

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