View previously released feature cards by swiping left

As a: Product Manager

I want: in /products/OL/feature_cards, view previously released feature cards by swiping left.

So that: I can more quickly locate older features, when communicating what we've delivered internally and with customers.

Yes, I know I can go to /products/OL/features and look at previous features. But try this sometime. It's incredibly slow. Even if you have just dozens of features released over a few months, it can take you minutes to find a particular feature card.

  • Al Sargent
  • Jun 22 2016
  • Unlikely to implement
Release time frame
  • Jun 24, 2016

    Admin Response

    As you mentioned, there are a couple ways that this information can be accessed.

    It seems that another method which may also be helpful would be to created a Saved report with this information (via the Reports or Features lists pages) and set filters based on the items you are looking for. 

    Based on the existing functionality and current priorities, we do not currently have plans for additional updates in this area. We hope you can understand.

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