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Created on Jun 9, 2016

One Product, Multiple Projects in Pivotal Tracker

A lot of our features have multiple components that correspond to different projects in Pivotal Tracker. Right now I can only sync my product with a single project in PT, which means I don't get to take much advantage of the integration. 

I keep all of my features in one product because I need to be able to review them and prioritize them all at once. The list view is not doing it for me.

    Jun 15, 2016

    This is possible today. You can set up multiple integrations to Pivot Tracker projects, under one product in Aha! This can be done via the Integrations settings page by adding a new integration.

    Be sure to create a unique name for the integration (eg the PT project name) so that when you send features to PT, that you can choose exactly which PT project it should go to.

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  • Guest
    Jun 16, 2016

    Thank you! Wish i could rename them so I can see which integration works with which project.


    Also the "One Aha! product is associated with one Pivotal Tracker project" in the instructions implies that the original request was not possible.


    It could say instead "Each Aha! integration corresponds to a single Pivotal Tracker project. Add more integrations to link a single Aha! product to multiple Pivotal Tracker projects."