Allow Reviewer users to edit their own ideas within Aha!

Currently, you allow idea editing for authors only in the portal (APP-I-961), but this is needed from within Aha as well for Reviewers for example. 

Use case: employees, with reviewer role, submit ideas directly in Aha (not through the portal) and cannot currently edit their own idea (for typos, additional info etc) unless they go to the portal, which is not a friendly workflow. It is very useful for the author of an idea to be able to edit it, at any point in time (do not allow deletion though). Historical data is stored for the idea itself, so any wrongdoing on the part of the user can be checked for if needed. 

This can be permission based, if needed (either add another role between reviewer and contributor, or add sub-permission for reviewer, or at best, add a checkbox under Configure Ideas with - allow authors to edit their own ideas - this is great because you can determine this at product level)

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  • May 24 2016
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