In a Timeline report you should be able to have an option to sort by From Date instead of To date

Where there are multiple line items for one group in the selected dimension it sorts them by the date you used as the TO Date for the Gantt bars.  Having an option so sort by FROM Date would mean you don't have to put that date as a dimension on the left. 

  • James Carter
  • May 2 2016
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    Ron Yang commented
    May 05, 2016 00:29

    Can you provide additional details/screenshots into what you're describing in the request? I'm trying to better understand the description around "multiple line items for one group"

    Timelines are currently only sorted by time (from left to right).

  • James Carter commented
    May 05, 2016 17:44

    In the following example we are installing product at multiple locations.   (See Grouped by wave.jpg)For each location there is a Feature  that represent the total installation duration (in Green)  and Features for individual tasks with their durations.  We have used a custom field to group the items for each installation as a Wave.  Aha sorts the line items within the Wave by the To date from the Select Data Menu.  

    The view makes much more sense if the features are sorted by their From date.  we have partially done this in "Subgrouped by stage .JPG" by creating  another custom field showing what Stage the items are in.  This gets the Summary line to the top But even in The "2. Before"  Stage the features would make more since if sorted by the Start Date.

    What I would like is a control in the Select Data menu that determines which date is used to sort multiple Features (renamed Line Items in our app).  See Select Data Menu Box .jpg


    Thanks for your consideration