Allow a user to share Views with any combination of users and groups

Users should be able to select individual users as well as multiple groups when sharing views, notebooks, etc.  Depending on a client's use of Groups, sharing views with a group may provide access to too many people.  Not having this feature makes it difficult for multiple users working in the same functional area to share views that are used for daily activities

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  • Feb 19 2016
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    Ron Yang commented
    February 22, 2016 23:52

    There is a workaround which would allow you to share views with specific users or groups.

    You could create a Product called "Group name" and give access to a set of users. When sharing views, you could share views specifically with this group only, which would allow only this set of users to access the view.

    However, we do see value in potentially creating and sharing views to specific Aha! users and groups in the future.

  • Christina Wongbuphanimitr commented
    September 01, 2016 18:50

    I posting my comment here as well since it is the same request as

    We would like to provide more requirements for this feature as we would like it as well. It would be more convenient if we can share with individual(s) vs product teams. For our case, we want each regional lead to  have a curated view and cannot see/make changes to data (from other regions) not in the restricted filter view. That individual can also add report to their notebook, which can contain other reports from other products. This would avoid the regional lead from creating multiple reports not align with the global plan