Always display release names on Roadmap Timeline view

When creating a roadmap timeline view you can adjust the slider to show only the dates you wish. However, if a release has started before the date selected, yet ends inside the date window, the release name is not displayed in its entirety.
  • Suzanne Vaughan
  • Feb 8 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • Michiel Kruger commented
    February 13, 2016 13:48

    The attached example highlights how for some releases the name is not visible at all, even though the project is still in progress, while for other releases the label is only shown partially. The desired behavior would be to have the label fully visible for any release which falls (partially) within the selected timeline window.

  • Michiel Kruger commented
    September 15, 2016 02:48

    Is there an update on when this issue will be fixed? This seems to be rather fundamental to the Reports >> Timeline functionality. It's rather awkward that I have to expand the timeline view to start, say, a year ago, to ensure that the title for a release, which has a long development time, remain visible. 

  • Guest commented
    March 22, 2018 19:18

    This is a major bug for me. I am trying to show a snap shot of what we are working on this year, so I select this year as the time frame. When I do this all the initiatives that we started last year the titles do not show. This makes the time selecting filter that is on the roadmap reports to be almost useless.