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Created by Brenda V
Created on Jan 8, 2016
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Custom idea fields that show when adding an idea on the portal do not show when searching for an idea. Merged

The benefit is that then the text of the idea doesn't have to duplicate the same information as the custom fields contain.  In our case, the custom fields provide additional categorization and specificity for the idea. It would help narrow down the areas the user wants to vote for so they don't have to read all the description text.

I have 2 custom fields that are visible to the idea portal users. That's great. I was hoping they would also show when searching through the ideas list on the portal. They don't.

Initially it would be great to have all the visible custom fields show below the details text. Perhaps a later enhancement could enable me to manage which show there.

Until this is implemented, the only recourse is to edit the ideas to include the text from the custom fields.

  • Gord Anderson
    Jan 9, 2019

    We have hidden the AHA fields and replaced with REQUIRED custom fields to ensure we capture the information up front.  We also have in addition more custom fields we have added for categorization.  We are able to hide the AHA fields using custom CSS, and add our custom fields.  Issue is that the CSS to hide AHA fields and ability to add custom fields does not apply to the portal idea list view, only on the detail when user clicks on the idea.  For consistency we would like to be able to configure our portal consistently as we have the idea form and portal idea detail.