Stagger release content boxes on two rows in Feature Roadmap view

The Feature Roadmap view tends to be very wide but not very high depending on the number of releases.  When this is the case, I'd like the display to stagger the release boxes at two alternating vertical heights so that they require less horizontal space.  This would give the view an aspect ratio that is more in keeping with that of a powerpoint page or a printed page.   Without this feature, I frequently find myself with wide, short views that are not easily viewed in any printed or presentation format.  

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  • Dec 8 2015
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  • Steve Matthews commented
    June 29, 2016 21:20

    I wouldn't just limit this to two vertical rows. Why not just make it a user selectable setting ("max rows", or "comfortable | cozy | compact"). Another thing you could do would be to have an option where intervening empty weeks/months/quarters are dropped from (or condensed in) the timeline at the top, so that the roadmap could be compacted horizontally even more (see attached BEFORE and AFTER images).