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Created on Nov 19, 2015

Add range value to Employees and Revenue under Competitors

For the Employees and Revenue fields in the Competitors section, it would be helpful to allow users to select either a specific value (i.e. 200) or a range (i.e. 100 to 250) for both fields as competitive intelligence is more often than not a guesstimate for these two areas.  It would also be great if you could enter a value of "N/A" or something like that rather than 0 if you are not sure yet.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Competitors (and personas) cards are built from custom fields that Aha! pre-populates for you. You can swap out the custom field for Employees and Revenue with a single line text field instead. This will allow you to enter ranges, NA or specific numbers.

    See the support note, Capture competitive information, for more help.

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