Goals and Initiatives - Recognize Pre-existing Relationships When Assigning to Features

We have defined Goals and Initiatives in our Aha instance, and each Initiative is linked to a specific Goal or Goals
But when you add an Initiatve or Goal to a feature, it doesn't enforce this relationship. That is the problem: we would like Aha to help us make the right choices, by filtering the list of initiatives based on the Goal we choose (or vice versa). In that way, any of our reporting in Aha will be clean and accurate in terms of our strategy and how features support it.
  • Danny Archer
  • Jul 13 2015
  • Likely to implement
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  • Jonathon Leeke commented
    October 08, 2015 20:49

    I could see this being the case - if a feature supports an initiative, wouldn't it also help satisfy the goals that the initiative is linked to?  Why then do you need to link Features to Goals?

    @Danny - you could just ignore that field on Features, and when you report on Goals, just use the Feature > Initiative > Goal as the goal you reference in the Pivot/List/etc instead of the Feature > Goal.