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Created on May 28, 2015

Integrate Aha! & VSO comments

Whilst the integration between Aha! and VSO (Visual Studio Online) is a great start, I feel (and have experienced a need) that there can be further collaborative integration between the 2 platforms.

My thinking is that it would be great to integrate Aha! Feature or Requirement comments area with the Feature or PBI History tab in VSO - this would then allow the Product and Development Teams a single area to collaborate in.

    Feb 26, 2018

    We have launched enhanced VSTS and TFS integrations. These integrations will allow you to sync comments along with several other new capabilities including the ability to:

    • Set record mappings for Aha! initiatives, releases, master features, features, and requirements and link them to nearly any corresponding record type
    • Map default or custom fields in Aha! to any “like” field and specify which direction the updates should flow (e.g. from Aha! or from VSTS/TFS)
    • Automatically send outgoing changes from Aha! or choose to review and approve them
    • Import records directly from VSTS and TFS to make getting started in Aha! easy
    Check out the blog post for more details.
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  • Megan Callaghan
    Mar 10, 2017

    I love this idea. Even just read-only comments without the ability to tag would be super helpful. Right now, it's hard to communicate between Dev and Product without duplicate efforts with comments.

  • Hunter
    Feb 1, 2017

    Yes! The comments in Aha have proven to be a very useful means of communication between our product and development teams - which are located in different countries. The hope is that this would largely eliminate the need for our team members to bounce between the two products. 

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