Hyperlink issues with auto-hyperlink in rich text/html

We often work with complex hyperlinks that many times aren't accurately interpreted when pasted in the "description" field of a form.  It can be problematic when Aha! automatically turns plain text into a hyperlink.  This request is to make one of the following changes:

  1. Not automatically turn plain text automatically into hyperlinks to avoid this problem
  2. Allow someone to turn the standard description field into plain text rather than rich text/html
  3. Allow us to create a custom field that is "multi-line plain text" (similar to the single line of text).


  • Jeremy Naiden
  • May 21 2015
  • Unlikely to implement
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  • Admin
    Ron Yang commented
    December 15, 2015 01:41

    We purposely hyperlink URLs to save the step of linking it (when we can identify the string to be a URL). We do this as we've heard feedback that it helps to save time in doing so.

    We can understand your edge case where you would like the text to only appear on plain text and not to be hyperlinked. One workaround for this would be add brackets around the URL so that it does not get hyperlinked. Below is an example of what can be done:


    At this time, we are unlikely to make changes in this area based on feedback from the community. However, we hope that the mentioned workaround can help.