Restrict broadcast messages to specific Product Line(s)

In our large organization, we have three top-level Product Lines to represent each corporate division. Some broadcast messages are useful for the entire organization, but others would be more meaningful if they were visible to users of a specific Product Line.

  • Gary Spencer
  • Apr 22 2015
  • Future consideration
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  • Joe Andreana commented
    July 26, 2018 14:57

    I totally agree. If we can bring it to not only product lines but products that would be a tremendous enhancement.

  • Shireesh Kumar commented
    July 26, 2018 15:00

    I would like that 

  • Charlene Brennan commented
    September 07, 2019 03:06

    We also have 3 separate and distinct product lines and we would need to be able to target the broadcast to specific users of each of the product lines.  We won't be able to use this feature until it does.


    Also can you target specific roles?  Send a message to contributors but not reviewers.  That would come in  handy as well.