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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Florian Cheval
Created on Jan 24, 2019

When filtering by Todo status, I also need to see Features that do *not* have a todo

I use filters a lot for too many activities to describe here.

One of them is to verify that once "All the todos have been completed", a Feature should be in a "Ready to develop" status.

I also use the Todo status filter everyday to discuss progress with the todo assigness.

But there's a problem.

The "Todo status filter" only allows me to select "Complete" "Overdue" and "Pending".

The problem is that as soon as I add the "Todo status filter" to my view, then I lose visibility on absolutely all the Features that don't have a todo at all. So I have to:

1) Either add/remove the todo status filer all the time

2) Either create (and maintain) a new saved view and switch back and forth all the time

My suggestion would be to change the Todo status filter a little, so that "Complete" displays all Features with no open Todos including the ones that have no Todos at all. Or at least have a way to display these when the Todo status filter is active, maybe "No open Todos" for example.

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