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Created by Thomas H
Created on Sep 30, 2020

I want the previous design back - no more "surprises" over night.

Stop messing around with the user interface - I really do not like having to learn a new UserInterface every couple of days.

Especially this time where your update introduced yet another set of features that slowed me down. In short, the new UI sucks because:

  • You can not see the number of votes on an idea easily, its just one small number somewhere down at the screen

  • You have to click three times to read public comments

  • The details of an idea, a feature, and other items is not shown - I always have to click on "Show more" to read it.

This all is counter-productive.

==> Give me a switch where I can decide for myself when I want to change the UI

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  • Admin
    Julie Price
    Sep 30, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your feedback. I can understand how you feel.

    We enabled an early preview a few weeks ago as a way to give our users more time to get acquainted. That said, I can understand that there may still be areas of the interface which you would like to see improved. We have generally heard positive feedback but we want to continue to make Aha! better for everyone.

    To clarify your feedback:

    1. The current vote count displayed in the votes tab is easily missed

    2. Public comments feel hidden: We have a similar existing idea here. Please feel free to vote and share your use case.

    3. The description “show more” link is difficult to navigate: You can customize your layout and move the description as a tab so it is always expanded. Does that resolve your challenge?

    I will close this idea out and have created a new idea focused on this particular issue. Please feel free to vote and your use case. This will help to raise awareness of it to our community of users, and will likely generate additional feedback from others who have a similar sentiment.