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Status Future consideration
Created by Matt O'Brien
Created on Aug 27, 2020
Merged idea
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Add Requirements to be viewed within the Ganttt Chart Merged

It would be helpful to view the requirements within the Gantt Chart view underneath our features

  • Jaison Reis
    Aug 26, 2021

    I'm using the Gantt chart to plan out my work, and the main activity breakdown happens within the feature score. For example, I have a new feature to launch a new search capability. I have requirements related to building the interface, building the search engine, collecting the data, and all data. All that work is planned using requirements, and not being able to plan them in the gantt chart makes it really hard.

    As an alternative, I tried to use features instead of requirements to do so, and then group by epic, but I also can't see Epics and features together in the gantt chart, and it also has the downside of not being able to use epics to group features together.