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Created by Praseetha Balakrishnan
Created on Jul 13, 2020

Ideas Voter Information Import

Please add functionality to be able to import information on the voters of ideas from another ideas system.
I recently migrated my Salesforce ideas to Aha ideas and while I was able to migrate the vote count, there's no way to migrate the details of the people who voted for the idea in Salesforce. This would be useful info to have so we can contact those people and inform them of the status of their idea.

    Jul 17, 2020

    Thanks for the feedback!

    There is a fairly new capability in Aha! to import 'Idea votes' and indicate who the voters on each idea are. Then any future status updates on these ideas would be emailed to these voters.

    In your workspace settings, go to Import from CSV, then

    • When you choose to import 'Idea votes', the 'creator' of the vote should be the voter

    • You can choose the portal where the voters should be added as portal users

    • And you can optionally choose to send them an invitation to join portal

    Let us know if there was something else that you were looking for.

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