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Created by Mat Jennings
Created on Apr 24, 2020

Integrate with SalesForce for the organizations and contacts used for proxy voting

We use SalesForce to manage all our customer contacts (like many businesses). I would like to be able to have the list of organizations and contacts stay up-to-date with the companies and contacts our sales and account management teams manage in SalesForce. We can do periodic updates to the lists, but that's a pain since things change quickly.

    Apr 11, 2022

    We have enhanced the Salesforce integration to sync accounts and fields to Aha! organizations. Keep your customer data up-to-date in Aha! automatically so you can better understand your customers and what they need. Upgrade your Salesforce integration to start mapping fields and importing accounts, available with Aha! Ideas Advanced. Read more.

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  • Marianne Gutshall
    Sep 13, 2021

    Agreed that automation would be extremely helpful. We would like to be able to configure a regular sync for Organization metadata from Salesforce with visibility to see when the last sync was successfully completed. The organization metadata is an important consideration for prioritization-- ie helping to better understand the business value associated with Ideas.

  • Brian Trombley
    May 6, 2020

    Direct integration with SFDC would make so much sense here. Right now we're manually exporting customer data from SFDC and importing as a "Customers" custom table. This has a lot more fields than "organization" plus key contacts for that org.

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