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Status Future consideration
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Created on Jan 27, 2020

Ability to select only one user from the "User Field" custom field

Currently the "User Field" (custom field) in Aha! allows you to select one or more Aha! users.


It would be useful to have a "User Field" whereby  a user can only select one user. This is important for us, as one of our User Fields sycnhronises with Jira, but in Jira a user can only select one user.


Therefore, if a user in Aha selects two Users, this will be out of sync with Jira.

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  • Sharon Hu
    Jul 2, 2024

    Echoing the need for the ability to only select one user in a custom user field. We have a custom user field that is synced with Jira; when more than one user is selected in Aha, Jira only keeps one (whoever comes first alphabetically). This is confusing and it would be helpful to restrict the number of users selected.


Custom Field - Single user selection

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DataGuy over 2 years ago in Account settings 0 Future consideration