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Created by Guest
Created on Jan 8, 2020

Use Crunchbase to add Competitor Info

With current competitor info in Aha!, information entered is static and based on manual hit-and-miss research. It would be VERY cool if I could go into Aha and import competitor info from a source such as Crunchbase (which has their own API for doing just this). In Aha, I imagine that I could enter a company name, Aha! obtains company info (i.e. size, revenue, latest news feed, etc) and imports it to be displayed in Aha!

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  • Oliver Spires
    Jun 29, 2022

    Absolutely agree with this and I came here to post the same Idea - although it doesn't have to be CrunchBase as there are many other such providers.

    One of the reasons we use software is to save time and effort by automating tasks.
    As a new user of Aha! attempting to onboard our group onto Aha! this is one piece of the puzzle which could be automated to save significant amount of effort.

    Automating the input and periodical refreshing of key financials and business metrics relating to competitors could (and should) be automatically populated from a source such as CrunchBase or similar.

    Revenue, Growth, Staff Count, Countries of Operation, Funding Raised, etc.