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Categories Strategy
Created by Lori Anderson
Created on Oct 16, 2019

RACI Models for Strategy

For complex products, the ability to add a RACI model would be helpful.


  • Ability to capture names, titles, email addresses of involved stakeholders and/or other product/project participants - especially those that would be not be using Aha.
  • I would expect this under Strategy, although some might think Roadmaps.
  • As some features are so complex or further input is needed from someone at the enterprise level, being able to keep track of what we're waiting on and by who, especially at a glance, would be very advantageous. Or just giving us a way to organize it, beyond just a note file.
  • As different RACI models exist, the ability to start with a base and customize would be great.
    • RESPONSIBLE. Person responsible for completing the assigned deliverable. 1 person per task.

    • ACCOUNTABLE. Ultimate Owner, Accountable for final decision. 1 person per task. Approves Responsible's work.

    • CONSULTED. Person consulted before action or decision taken. 2-way communication. (SMEs)"

    • INFORMED. Person informed of progress. 1-way communication. Affected by outcomes of task"

    • SPONSORS. 

    • SUPPORT. Assigned to the Responsible role in order to help them complete the task as specified.

    • OMITTED. Specifies those who are specifically not involved with a task. Useful when there is any confusion or dispute about who may be involved in completing a task.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. There are a couple options for handling this today.

    1. You could create a custom strategic models template with a section for each of the areas listed here. These would live under Strategy > Models.

    2. If you need to track this information at the record level (for example, on an initiative or feature) you could add custom user fields for that record type. When adding a custom field, go to the Aha! record relationships section and choose a Users field -- the options will include users from your Aha! account. These fields are also available for reporting, so you could create a pivot table that shows each of the individuals across these areas assigned for each record.

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