Status Future consideration
Categories Ideas
Created by Daisey Fahringer
Created on Aug 22, 2019

Create New Idea from Comment

Comments on ideas don't always stay focused on the original idea. Sometimes...most of the time...comments on an idea will spiral into other ideas. It would be great if there were a way to take a comment on an idea and "promote" it to a new idea. This way the new idea could have its own linked feature, etc.

With the promoting it to a new idea, an email notification would go to the person who made the comment, and a link to the new idea would be added near/on that comment.

Right now, I manually copy/paste the comment into a new idea, set the creator to the person who made the comment, and then post a new comment in the original idea saying it's been moved to a new idea. It'd be great if this could be more automated.

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