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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Jun 21, 2019

allow elements of Mockups to link to specific features

I have seen some tools such as Irise an JustinMind that allow the user/designer to add specific dev items to elements in a mockup.  When you surf to the element, say a "login" button, you can see the feature that is for building the button, it could be multiple in fact, say one for the designer, one for the developer.  The fact that Aha is mainly a tool for development/planning should make this a real benefit as there's no need to integrate with another tool, which most design tools that allow this are forced to do.  In this case, the mockup could be one that is associated with a higher level record in Aha, say Product or Master Feature.

Sorry if this is duplicating another idea, and thanks guys!

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