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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 12, 2019

Collapse or hide the left panel in Personal / Account / Product settings

Need the ability to hide or collapse the left panel left panel in Personal/Account/Product settings (like we can collapse the directions box in google maps or mapquest, for example). 

For 3 illustrations of this issue, please see the attachment with screen shots from Account > Configure Scorecards. 

Issues:  Because I can't collapse the left panel, the right most portion of the formula can't be seen.  Yes, I can scroll to the right to see the rest of it, but then the "Name" and  "Used In" columns can't be seen.  Yes, I can hover over the scorecard and scroll to the right to see the "clone/edit/delete" buttons, but again, because I can't see the Name and Used In columns, I can't be sure I'm still hovering over the correct scorecard. Yes, I can zoom the screen smaller so it all fits on the computer screen, but then I can't read it because the text is too small (PLEASE always remember that people's reading vision gets worse as they get older, so making things smaller on the computer screen doesn't help those people).

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