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Status Future consideration
Categories Application
Created by David Willequer
Created on May 10, 2024

Enable users to add multiple tags simultaneously by entering list of tags.

What is the challenge?

Currently users can only insert tags into a tags or custom tags field one at a time. I have users that would like to be able to easily add multiple tags via the UI to one or more records at a time via text input and they are unable to do so.

What is the impact?

If a user is adding a large number of tags to a specific record, it is a time consuming process.

Describe your idea

Currently if a user copies and pastes a list into a tags field that is separated by line breaks / new lines it treats it as a single tag value. For example if I pasted the following list into the field it results in this tag currently: "Value1 Value2 Value3"

Value 1

Value 2

Value 3

My proposal is to honor these line breaks as separate tags being entered by the user and create them automatically if they do not match an existing tag.

See attached screenshots for actual vs expected results. This functionality request applies to both the OOTB Tags field and custom tags field as well as the picker for adding tags to these fields on multiple records via a bulk edit. If unable to achieve this with line breaks - an alternate delimiter such as comma, semi-colon, pipe, etc would be an acceptable solution.

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