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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Guest
Created on Apr 12, 2024

Placeholder feature card with unique styling for planning ahead

What is the challenge?

We often know we will have work in future releases which are reliant on other teams to define or which we want to plan to leave space to work on but we don't yet have all the information.

We currently write [Placeholder] in the title which can be challenging visually to distinguish from defined features as well as to know if we've already created a placeholder for the work. Sometimes we end up creating duplicates because we don't see the word "[Placeholder]" in the title.

What is the impact?

Reduce accidental duplicate feature creation, reduce cognitive load when reviewing roadmaps, activity boards & backlogs.

Describe your idea

It would be great to have a different style feature card so we may easily distinguish which of our features are defined and which we are holding space on our roadmap to work on. This could also help us when promoting an idea to a feature to quickly see if we have a placeholder for that idea by filtering out active features vs placeholders.

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