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Status Future consideration
Categories My work
Created by David Willequer
Created on Apr 9, 2024

Add Requirements and other records with terminology to My Work "Records" section

What is the challenge?

Users are unable to view Requirements (or Tasks in our environment) when viewing the My Work tab alongside other records they are assigned.

What is the impact?

Users find it more difficult to find the requirements/tasks that they are assigned to work.

Describe your idea

In our environment, we frequently have features/activities (Projects) that are assigned to one user and requirements (Tasks) that are assigned to another user. Users would like to be able to more easily view all of the work they are assigned in a single location and often turn to the My Work section to accomplish that. Currently, some record types such as Requirements aren't visible from this tab. I'd like to see these record types, along with other record types (Basically any record type with customizable terminology) visible from the My Work section. Note - I do see that Features/Activities are accessible here and you can drill down to Requirements - the thought here is to be able to view your assigned Requirements directly without having to expand/drill through the related project.

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