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Created by Ian Babelon
Created on Mar 21, 2024

Maintain view of Notes and tables where it is left when clicking on another window

What is the challenge?

Every time one interacts with other windows and applications, the cursor-led view of a Note in Aha! moves back to the top of the Note, just below the Table of Content if there is one. So, if one then starts typing assuming one was where one left off, this will edit content at the top of the Note, and not where one left the cursor when interacting with another app/ browser tab etc.

As UX researcher I need to do quite a bit of cutting and pasting from other applications into Notes. This means I have to scroll back down every time to the location in the Note where I am working. It takes time and recall effort.

This means that every time one looks at any other material on the desktop or in the browser (e.g. text file, tab in browser, Word file, spreadsheet, webinar etc), one has to scroll back down to wherever it was one was working. This seems to be made worse if there long tables in the Note This generates a lot of unnecessary scrolling.

Notes are otherwise an incredibly versatile and useful tool.

How would you solve it?

When one clicks on any another application, this should not move the cursor within a Note in Aha! Note to the top of the note.

This behaviour does not occur in any other online or desktop app that I've come across.

What impact would it make?

Being able to work on a Note with tables while looking at content in other applications.

This would benefit all Knowledge users as well as users of the table component/feature in any part of Aha!

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  • Admin
    Sarah Moisan-Thomas
    Mar 22, 2024

    Thanks for reporting this, @Guest. This behavior sounds like a bug that we fixed yesterday, would you mind retesting to see if you are still seeing this issue?

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