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Status Future consideration
Created by Max O.
Created on Mar 15, 2024

Clearer email notification formatting for approvals

Who would benefit?

Anyone relying on notification emails from Aha!

What impact would it make?

The current email notification formatting is, quite frankly, horrible. This is the case for most notifications I see from Aha (with the exception of Ideas) but especially so for workflow approvals. Making the email notifications clearer to read and understand would make things a lot easier for users to digest.

How should it work?

Take initiative approvals for example. Approvers receive a notification once a request has been triggered, but the emails are poorly formatted and it is not easy to understand what needs their attention at a glance.

In addition, if they reject an approval request with an accompanying comment explaining why, that reasoning isn't included in the rejection notification sent to the initiative owner. It's not even clear that the initiative has been rejected. Almost no context is included in the body of the email except for some small "Rejected (today)" text next to one of the approver names.

Please make the key information easier to read!

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