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Created on Feb 29, 2024

Streamlined Aha Email Notification to Browser Experience

Who would benefit?

Product Managers that receive email notifications that someone has commented on an idea they are working on or if they have been tagged on an idea.

What impact would it make?

It would reduce the number of clicks required to action on an Aha email notification.

How should it work?

As a product manager, if I receive an email notification that someone has mentioned me in an Idea or commented on an Idea I own, I want to seamlessly open the idea on the product management side of Aha.

At my company there are two sides to our Idea portal:

  1. the client facing side; this is where clients can submit ideas, view ideas they have submitted, comment etc..

  2. the product management side; this is where product managers with admin rights manage the ideas submitted to their workspace, comment on ideas, promote to our backlog, create internal comments etc...

When a client comments on an idea, I (the product manager) receives an email notifying me that someone has commented on an idea I own - therefore likely requiring action from my side.

The email subject is... "You were mentioned in the Aladdin Ideas portal"...

And, within the email, there is a button that says "View Idea". When I click "view idea", this directs me to the client facing side of the idea portal which is not relevant to my role.


the email should provide a link that directs me to the product management side of the portal that I can navigate there directly.


the client facing idea portal should have a way for me to easily navigate between the two views if I have permission to do so. (Perhaps there is a button that says "view in product management side". (not the right title, but hopefully you get my drift).

The ability to flip between views can be driven by permissions; perhaps the link a user receives in their email is driven by their role (client gets the portal link; admins get the product manager side link).

There are several ways to do this, and your team has likely many more ideas, but the takeaway is...

Today, as a product manager, when I receive an email that someone has mentioned me on an Idea or commented on an idea I own the following steps are far too many to do 15 times a day...

  1. I open the email, click "view idea", directs me to the client facing portal

  2. I copy (control + C) the title of the idea

  3. I launch a secondary browser and navigate to my Aha dashboard (product manager side).

  4. I paste the title of the idea into the search bar

  5. I locate the idea based on title and action from there.

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  • Admin
    Kelly Sebes
    Mar 6, 2024

    Thanks for reaching out. The ideas portal can be configured to allow Aha! users to log in with their Aha! user account. With this enabled, you would see additional options in the portal to allow you to easily open the idea inside Aha! This is enabled with a setting in the ideas portal SSO configuration. I recommend having your portal administrator reach out to if they would like any assistance configuring it.