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Status Shipped
Categories Releases
Created by Michael F
Created on Feb 20, 2024
Merged idea

This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit AFPR-I-7732 Create a 'clean' release template from an existing release - that other products can also use.

Ability to save a Release's Phases/Milestones as a template Merged

Who would benefit?

Anyone who uses release phases and milestones

What impact would it make?

1) Biggest impact is this would allow you to create a release phase template right in the Gantt chart, utilizing the drag/drop method which from a UX perspective is much more efficient than creating a release phase template today (tabularly)

2) sometimes I have an extraordinary release 'type' that ends up becoming not so extra ordinary. Yes I can copy the release and retain its phases and milestones, but I have to manually move each phase and milestone to align to my correct dates. If I had it as a release template, I can set the date and apply and then it's just some minor tweaking.

How should it work?

navigate to release phases tab. Under the phases and milestone template there's a button - create release phase template. User would be prompted with a form on the location to store the template (permissions based) and then the template is created in that location, inheriting all facts from the original - type, sequence, durations, days from previous, dependencies, etc.