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Created by Nigel Lawrence
Created on Oct 3, 2023

Update linked note folder name when roadmap item name changes

Who would benefit?

Users of notebooks

What impact would it make?

It would be a usability feature that ensure better traceability between research documentation and the plan item.

How should it work?

The attached file shows the situation.
I create some research documentation associated with a given plan item (in this case an initiative that our terminology is calling a theme) all the documents get neatly added to a folder that takes the name of the item.
When the item name changes this does not update the associated document folder name which could be confusing for user who would be diving their workflow from the Documents navigation and scanning for updated semantics. So ideally a linked folder would see its name updated when the associated name is altered.

    Nov 28, 2023

    Now there is a tighter link between a notebook research folder and the research tab on a feature, initiative, etc.

    • The related tab on the research folder now shows a link to the feature

    • The name of the research folder will now include the feature reference# and will automatically update if you edit the feature name.

    • If you add a document directly in the folder, it will automatically show on the feature's research tab

    This will affect new research folders created going forward.

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