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Status Future consideration
Created by Bonnie Trei
Created on Sep 28, 2023

Show name of user whose token is being used in ADO integration

Who would benefit?

Admins of accounts with ADO integrations

What impact would it make?

When an ADO integration is created, a user with the correct permissions must enter their token to authenticate the integration. However, the token owner's name is not surfaced in the integration settings.

If the token user's permissions are changed or removed, the integration will fail.

There is no way to proactively manage the integration and update it to use someone else's token and prevent integration failures when the original owner's permissions are removed. The only way it becomes known is when the integration fails - then the name of the token owner is in the error logs.

How should it work?

When setting up the integration, the name of the token owner should be surfaced and saved in the integration settings.

This should also be available in the integrations report so that administrators can easily identify integrations associated with a user whose permissions are changing.

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