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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Product M
Created on Sep 13, 2023

Notify Voters of a certain Idea

We have the problem that we set the Feature Request not visible after promoting it to a feature, because from the product perspective the feature request is not a request anymore because it planned and decided that is a feature.

To cleanup the overview of voteable feature request , the feature request ist set to non-visible for our customers in the ideas portall

it will be very useful, that all voters on this feature request will be informed that the vote had an impact - that means that this feature request or idea is now ready for implementation - how can we notify also the voters if an status of an idea is changed?

    Sep 14, 2023

    You can accomplish this today if you first change the status of the idea to "Planned" and then later make the idea not visible.
    We are unlikely to make it possible to notify portal users of ideas that have been hidden from them.

    Could you share more about why you want the ideas hidden from the portal once they are planned as features?

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  • Product M
    Sep 15, 2023

    Thanks but for our understanding only the creator of the idea will be informed or infom aha also the voters of the idea ?