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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
Created by Guest
Created on Aug 22, 2023

Allow semi-private portals with pre-shared parameter protection

Currently you support either public portals or private ones (including JWT/SSO login).

We do not want to implement a full JWT/SSO login, but at the same time also not just make the ideas page public to everyone.

We only want our application users to be able to access the ideas page, without the need for them to be registered/logged in at The login/registration they will do if they want to add ideas or vote on elements.

To do this I suggest allowing the ideas page to be called with a pre-shared token that is only known to our users (eg

This allows us to simply put that link with the same token in our application for all users and make it immediately available to everyone. (you can store this in a cookie/session)

Normal visitors to the page without this token are treated similar as private portals, requiring an actual login

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