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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Bonnie Trei
Created on Jul 14, 2023

Align progress bar with status

When I have shipped a feature, I would like the progress bar to update to 100%. At a minimum, I would like the progress bar value to be available for bulk editing so that I do not need to manually update the value on each feature.

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  • Donald Hebert
    Oct 10, 2023

    The use case here is: there are users who don't leverage Requirements that update the Progress of their Features manually. Issue is, if the Feature progress is updated to 50% and it is shipped, Feature will still show 50% completion. We can't create an automation rule for this either as Completion % is not available as an updateable field. Using capacity to handle this is too much overhead for this particular use case - as it would require users to also enter Initial and Detailed Estimates.