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Categories Workflow boards
Created by Noel Scerri
Created on Jun 5, 2023

Show Jira status in card view

It would be really beneficial to have an option to show Jira Status in any card view as to have more granular detail when you need to communicate with the devs, or to report status to other stakeholders.

    Jun 16, 2023

    Thank you for your idea. Most teams map the Jira status to a corresponding Aha! status. You can then customize your cards to show this status or any other field you might want to use.

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  • Noel Scerri
    Aug 2, 2023

    Thank you for your comment. Our need is to display the precise Jira Status. For instance, if a task is in the Development phase, it can have various stages like "In Code Review" or "During Test." However, setting these detailed statuses in AHA would be excessive and not necessary for stakeholders who interface with the product team. Nevertheless, in specific situations when collaborating with developers, having access to these statuses can be beneficial and give you an insight for certain decisions. The goal is to keep the AHA statuses as high level as possible.