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Created by Guest
Created on May 26, 2023

Stop automatically changing the width of pivot columns when filters are updated

Hi, this feels more like a bug than a feature request.

I use a lot of Pivot views to help track features progression against related initiatives. This particular view gives a nice breakdown of features per quarter per initiative.

In the attached image, there is almost always one column at the end that contains unassigned features (those with no quarter of work assigned). Every time I update a filter, that column shrinks to almost nothing and cannot be expanded unless I shrink EVERY OTHER column down to nearly nothing to provide room on the right to expand the unassigned column.

I update filters a lot. So I have to repeat these steps constantly if I want to see the information contained in that column.

I would really appreciate it if that final column would keep its established width after a filter updates.

Thank you.

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