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Status Will not implement
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Created by Fede Garibaldi
Created on Nov 4, 2022

Embed drawing in a Note

At this time, it is possible to embed a Whiteboard in a Note, although it does not render correctly in the PDF export of the note.

What this request is about is to allow embedding drawings, and allow a proper PDF export where the drawing shows in the PDF file

    Apr 24, 2024

    Earlier this month, we replaced the integration with Aha! Whiteboards.

    You can embed a whiteboard into a note through the + button in the toolbar, and these embedded whiteboards also display when a note is exported to PDF.

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  • Fede Garibaldi
    Nov 8, 2022

    Hi @austin; no particular reason other that at this time covers more functionality than the whiteboards.

    I think you may need both if you plan to support both in the long run.

    If the whiteboard is your future, then so be it. Right now the PDF of a whiteboard embedded in a note seems to generate a grey box.

    Looking forward to replacing Miro with a whiteboard. For this to happen we need the whiteboard to properly render in PDF, be shareable with no licensed account holders from a workspace note, and being sent it to JIRA as an asset of some sort.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Nov 7, 2022

    Hi there, thank you for your idea. I'm curious...are there other reasons for requesting over whiteboards beyond the PDF export? It would be great to understand if there are shortcomings you are experiencing with whiteboards for your particular use case. Thanks!