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Status Future consideration
Categories Voting
Created by David Jensen
Created on Aug 15, 2022
Merged idea
This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit APP-I-6338 Return votes to users when an idea is marked as "already exists" or "will not implement".

Votes Per User feature should return votes to users when: Merged

Today, the only thing that returns a vote to a user is the status of "Shipped".

Statuses of "Already Exists" and "Will Not Do" should return votes to the user. Additionally, portal visibility should be considered as well. If a user cannot get to an Idea to un-Vote, it should not be counted against the users vote count.

I understand this complicates things when admins can change statuses and visibility settings and doing so might push the users vote count over the limit. I would rather err on the side of my customer not being frustrated.