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Categories Integrations
Created by Justin Woods
Created on Aug 8, 2022

Improve descriptions of messages in the integration logs

The messages in the integration logs are quite cryptic making it difficult for end-users to effectively understand and troubleshoot the integration issues they are having.

Error messages that are ambiguous include:

1. Skip creating candidate for XXXXX as feature due to service restriction

2. Applying inverse update to requirement ["comment", "status"]

3. Received response: GET 404 {"errorMessages":["The property aha does not exist."]

Error messages that are helpful include:

4. Importing record: The record XXXX has an issue type Defect and it was expected to be Story. This can happen if the mappings are changed in Aha! or the issue type of the record is changed in Jira. Remove the integration link for this record from Aha! and try again or contact for assistance.

5. Importing record: Record "Your record here" cannot be imported as a requirement because there is no valid relationship link to an Aha! feature.

Here are a few ways this could be improved.

  • Use unambiguous natural language that an end-user can easily understand

  • Where possible provide a link and the ID to the affected record(s) in the integrated system AND the affected record(s) in Aha! so they can be opened easily in a browser to assist investigation

  • Provide a link to a well written support article that explains the messages in more detail and troubleshooting steps

  • It is understood that sometimes the error message in the log is the one sent to Aha! by the integrated system but some simple pattern matching could allow Aha! to provide some more user friendly descriptions in addition to the original error itself

Most end-users that create the integrations would like to be empowered to troubleshoot and resolve issues themselves but get easily confused by log messages that don't make sense. This would also help new Product Success team members learning the system as well as a reduction in tickets coming into Product Success.

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