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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Billie McKee
Created on Jul 18, 2022

Create Separate User Permissions for report sharing

Based on previous experience with other systems, I'd like to suggest a feature to restrict report sharing to certain user types. While any user can create and save their own reports for personal use, there is a concern that folks will save a large number of reports to folders for general use, clogging up the folders and some likely being incorrectly built.

We found this to be true with a financial management system implementation, where it took users too long to locate a report, let alone a correctly built one due to the mass number of reports that were saved for all to use across the organization.

To save time and sanity, we'd like to have the ability to allow only contributors to save reports to be shared with their entire team, not viewers or reviewers. Again, personal use is fine, just not ones that would be available to all users and show up in the folders list.

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