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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 12, 2022

Add ability to display a release description/note on the release plan gantt

Would really like to be able to include a brief descriptor or note within the gantt release plan - specifically for presentations and interdepartmental communication, the release name does not give enough description for most people to properly digest what we are after and why.

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    Nathaniel Collum
    Jul 15, 2022

    Thanks for reaching out about this idea. We have a capability for presentations and shared webpages that may help with your use case.

    Within the presentation slide...

    1. Select the gantt that you've added and click "Configure" in the View > Drill in section

    2. Make sure that "Releases" is checked

    3. Select "Theme" to include the release's description

    4. Close the configuration

    Next, generate a secure webpage for your presntation

    This view is now interactive for secure webpages. Click on a release description to see all of the details that you added.

    You can read more about interactive views here:

    Please let us know if this is not quite what you had in mind.